Friday, March 21, 2014

You're Living No Matter

Sometimes life happens.  Actually, life is always happening.  It's happening around us and it's happening within us.  Life is what happens while we're living.  Whether we're waking or sleeping, life is being defined and as we live it.  Sometimes we may find ourselves unable to wake from dreams or perhaps even the lack thereof.  In these moments however, life doesn't cease to exist.  We continue to be go on living.

At the same time this world is full of the signs of death.  Everywhere we go there are reminders of the Fall.  Even places where some may think that we are supposed to appear "together," our brokenness is on full display.  These sacred spaces fill up with broken people; there are people with broken dreams and the dream destroyers.

Still we welcome each other in these places.  We realize that none of us is perfect.  None of us have this whole thing figured out.  In the end we die and we don't really have a say in that.  Money won't pay the cost of eternal life.  Medicine won't cure us from the death that our inevitable death.  Even today we're all dying.

As someone once said, "Today we're younger than we're ever going to be."  We would do well to remember that, though not as an excuse to lose all control and have little or no disregard for others.  No, instead we should learn to "thrive, not just survive."  Not only that, but let's live this life with each other.  Though none of us really understand this life completely, we can still teach each other lessons from our own mistakes and experiences.

Perhaps we're really made to share this life with each other, not to define ourselves in each other but to see ourselves in our brothers and sisters and everyone in-between.  Maybe we're here to love those who don't know love themselves.  And we're here to experience this together and to learn the value of the other.  Still, that can't be the entire reason, for life seems to go on for those who have reached that goal.

No matter the purpose or reasoning behind this life, as well as the mystery of death, we will all keep living with death at our side, and discover more that will only lead to unknown.

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