Sunday, June 30, 2013



You say wherever so it must be so, but how does it work?  I'm hanging on.  Where do I go?  It would seem to be nowhere but I do not wish to be complacent.  The tears in my eyes don't even reach my cheeks.  I'm running from something but don't know where I'm going.  Nor do I know where I'm coming from.  What happens next?  I'm in a rut.  Some say stuck.  I can't hold this anymore.

I'm also not completely sure where this is coming from.  Something just feels like an empty canvas.  Like I can't find the words but feel like they have been around lately.  Where do I go?  What's next?

Monday, June 3, 2013

I'm Not the Broken One

I was wrong.  All this time.
I thought it was me who was broken but it isn't so.  You broke Yourself so that I wouldn't have to live broken.  I have been living as though I am the broken one, but that is not the case.  You allowed for yourself to be broken.  To be torn.  To be misshapen.  So that I may be made whole.  Thank You.  I must learn to live in that.  To run toward those who think they are beyond repair.  I must learn to run to them and show them that they need not worry any longer.  They were fixed before they even took their first breath.  Sometimes I try to mix my own yeast into this dough of life but it's not worth it.  All that I need is in You. Thank You.
I deserve none of this but You broke Yourself and became nothing so that I could be something.
Thank You.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Nostalgia for a Time Not Lived

Do you remember when we used to dance to the radio?
When we would turn it on and would dance like every song was ours?
We danced through the night and never had to leave the house.  The kids all tucked in and our shirts were loose.  We had not care in the world.  The lack of sleep somehow kept us on our feet.  We danced and I held you close.  The world watched as we lost ourselves for a moment, but we couldn't be bothered.  Our bodies swayed and we moved together.  Our hearts held hands and wore their best dancing shoes.  The eyes that saw us were invisible and we were stuck in the moment.  Stuck in the most beautiful way imaginable.  Do you remember the romance of the times gone by?
Do you remember?
Oh to be a fly...
Can we return?  Can we go back?  I'll pull the elevator gate and we'll crawl back if we have to.  No one will even know we're gone.  We'll slip passed the security and enter again to the middle of the century.
And war changes it all.  I can never go back to where we were.
Do you remember?
     Me neither.