Saturday, March 29, 2014

Of Two Minds

So now I'm awake but dreaming.  I'm exhausted but full of energy.  There are two minds inside and we both get along.

It helps to talk.  And it helps to listen.
How can this be real?
Though some words may be left unspoken
I know that there's life enough to share.

I'm full of passion but my word bank is empty.
I've got life ahead of me but I'm living now.
I'm sitting still but moving forward.
I'm living life one step at a time, though every breath is one closer to my last.
And it's all a gift.

Someone's watching.
Someone's paying attention.
And I'm moving further.
Ever closer.
To who I am.
And who I will be.

And alas!
That's enough.
For now.

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