Sunday, March 16, 2014

The beauty of love As Is

Did you know that it's okay to be in love?  Some have even said that, "the beauty of love as it was made to be."  Which I had thought went "the beauty of love is it was made to be."  That makes sense to me.  God is love and love is something that isn't a result of our rebellion.  In fact it's something leftover after the Fall.  We're allowed to love.  We're encouraged to love.  Love is something that is built inside of us.  It's something that we're made with and we're made to share.  Holding it all inside isn't how we're meant to live.

Some people may misuse it, abuse it, or claim something is it when it's not.  I too have been guilty of that.  However, when we learn how to love for real it's a beautiful thing.  Hearts jump, smiles grow, even from the inside out.  Wings we've never owned almost convince us their ours as we flutter about.

Love is a good thing.  It's not an aspect of God, but rather His entire being.  Think on that.  I read that a month or so ago and it's kind of rocked me.

Also, this may seem obvious, but to many it's not.  Don't forget to ask, seek, and knock.  How else will anyone know what you're looking for or what it is you desire?  Surely the Lord knows all things, but when we ask it helps make it clearer to us.  He is pleased to hear the desire of our heart.  The Lord is not a formula, meaning it's not about asking the right way, the right number of times, or anything like that.  Rather, the Lord gives and takes in His timing and His timing is perfect.

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