Thursday, March 6, 2014


"Don't tell me you don't know
Don't tell me you let go

But if I tell you that I miss you
will you stay around?
Or will you run and hide?

Simple thoughts,
simple actions,
yet they mean
so much in my mind.

Do you realize that?
The language you use
makes me think we
need definition,
though it also
puts me at ease.

Tell the heart
with the skewer inside
I've got feelings,
up my sleeve I can't hide.

I can't just push you aside.
You make it easy to be
me with you
and me.

Still, I want to learn
your story.
I want to dig deeper
To hear the more
where are you lost
where are you found?

It's okay to pull me down,
to pull me back onto the ground.
Let's be realistic.
Let's be real,

After all
we're just the
but not yet"
and together
we can make it.

We don't need each other
but we can be kneaded
Are you ready to
work at it?

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