Friday, March 7, 2014

Fictional Dream

And just like that, I woke up, my face toward the ceiling, only the ceiling was gone.  I was looking up and where the dull light had been flickering when my eyes shut, there was an expanse, a gap, a hole.  A gentle breeze tiptoed across my shoulders.  The stars blinked their eyes at me, as if they too had just awoken from the most lucid of dreams.  The tall, shadowed oaks waved their greeting to me, as if to remind me that their shadows aren't to be feared.  I waved back with a few short blinks from my barely conscious eyes.

The breeze on my shoulders now tickled my down my spine.  Could I still be dreaming?  I reached for my blankets that had fallen off the bed, as usual.  As I pulled the first over my now shivering body, I felt an ocean of warmth rush from my toes to my head.  The stars starred at me, though not in a gawkish manner.  Their gaze somehow felt soothing.  I reached for the second blanket, though I'm not sure why.  I was warm enough, as I lay there returning the stars' gaze.

What happened last night?  Or was it tonight?  What time is it anyway?  Or what day?  Suddenly, I realized the breeze was producing a strange sensation on my face.  There was something foreign wrapping my chin like a scarf.  With one quick swoop, I took a swing at it.  What?!  How could this be?  Didn't I just shave yesterday morning?  I felt it again, though not as a baseball player this time.  I brought my hand to my face, like someone about to take a bite of a fresh, juicy peach, only, I was intentionally reaching just below my mouth.

It was true!  I had a full-grown beard.  I traced it from my chin my earlobes, then from there back below my nostrils.  How is this possible?  How long have I slept?  Where am I taking this life?

One final wave from the trees and everything was black again.

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