Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Kingdom Here and After

You can try and hide me in the shadows but His light will shine through.  You might try to tuck me away where I'll keep quiet, but I'll only do so if the silence speaks truth.  I won't claim to be perfect, my heart is been through its share of touch-ups and scars.  Some of those marks and scrapes might only get bigger, but it won't knock me down for good.  It matters little, or so I'm working toward, what you do to me while I'm here.  My goal is not a comfortable life, nor is it anything that can be found here.

Sure, there are passions and ideas that I like to pursue, but those aren't my end goal.  They don't define me.  I want to love people and show them there's true love.  I'm not the spotless example.  No, I'm a smudged magnifying glass aiming to point you at the Truth.  There is life there.  I don't want to reflect the sun in a way that burns or destroys you.  I want to reflect the Son in such a way that you might experience real life with real joy.  That you might experience life as it should be and life beyond life.

This life is more than just waiting and anticipating the next step.  Every moment we live can be lived inside the Kingdom.  The Kingdom is here and now and the Kingdom is coming.  It is at hand and already within arm's reach.

Whether you are happy or sad, living or dying, seeking or finding, running or lying, failing or winning, ceasing or trying, know that there is hope beyond hope for the days inside this life and out.
Have faith.

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