Monday, March 24, 2014

Love is Patient, Like is Fleeting

I've got a problem.

It's love.  I can't help it.  I can barely stand it.  Love is patient. is patient. is patient.
Yes love is patient and I can take it.

Just look into my eyes.  Hold my hand.  Remove your disguise.  I've got baggage that weighs hard on me, but you hold it inside.  I hold you beside.  I don't really know where to go.

All this time I was looking.  And trying not to look.  And seeking.  Though seeking to be content here. My heart somehow beats out of time.  A hummingbird feather and some words even rhyme.  It's okay to be here.  And you're here.  I can't can take it.

Just wait.  Love is patient.  If one day I close my eyes, will you be gone?  I don't want these moments to end.  How can this be so far from pretend.  We'll make it.  We'll make it.

Even now this smile is hard to erase from my face.  You leave an imprint on my heart when you leave this place.  Though this life is not relationships, this life is so much more.  Still, somehow at the same time it's so much less than we think of it.  Life is simpler than the complications we make of it.

How are you you?
Is this real?

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