Thursday, March 6, 2014

Shallow Rumination

So much
on my mind and so few
words to explain

If you talk to the motivation
debater, tell her
I'm looking for her, but
my eyes are closed.

If you see
the Judge,
I'm working
hard, but that's
just what it is.

Will this be enough?  Words
jump from
the page, it's empty though
sprinkled.  Like my mind; can
I fast-forward the rewind?

My two things,
or one?
Serving others,
loving others,
putting others
before myself.
Or loving people
and the creative process,
writing, instead of righting.

An empty soup can
two nickels,
one dime,
is that all
that's inside?
Can you
hear my mind?

It's not
enough today.
Words are just
     this time.

If you
catch me
I'll be fine,
but I can't count
on you
all the time.

There is little rhyme,
little time.
Time is money
though I'm broke
and breaking
all the time.

are you looking
for?  Is there something on
your mind?
If you want something for
you, I'll give
your line a hook:

I know
you're soon leaving, but
something says
it's okay.  Something
says you'll stay.
Not here for now
these days
these moments
seem more purposive.

I'm not writing you
a book; am I?
A carefully scripted page.
Don't read too much
into me,
these words
aren't from
a sage.

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