Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Barely Awake

My eyelids are drooping, slowly falling to meet exhaustion.  I'm wandering around without leaving this room.  Sometimes I'm watching something else and my mind wanders.  Sometimes I'm speaking and even forget what I am speaking about, at times mid-sentence.  Perhaps I'm not a good listener, even to myself, at times.  Sometimes one of the better parts of the day are when the moon lays low and shines bright through my window.  It is then that there is no guilt in sleeping.  Then, You allow me, even encourage me, to rest.

Maybe so many of the words are gone lately because I already have someone to share them with.  What haven't I shared that's on my mind, that's in my heart?  Have I given it all away and we've barely begun?  What is next here?  Really?  Perhaps patience.  And time.  And gaps between meetings.  Still, that's okay, and perhaps it's best.  Let's enjoy each other now, and somehow still prepare for the days to come.

You woke something up in me.

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