Friday, March 14, 2014

Is it happening?

Are you looking for a different kind of different?
I found it!
Chemicals bonding.  Smiles on both sides.
Not just infatuation.  Smiles inside and out.

You make me want to be better.
And your heart is servant-shaped.

How could I possibly deserve this?
Though I may not, my heart keeps beating.
Not an idolatrous love, but still something true.
If you're looking for me, I've been found.

Just holding you is enough.
Just being close.
Share your life with me.

We'll take it slow,
though it's as if I'm wearing my heart
on my face, not my sleeve,
and that's okay.

Hold my hand one more time.
Don't let me fall apart.
You're not perfect,
nor am I, but it sure is great in this place.

And my heart is also firmly in my hands.
As we hold each other, you hold it too.
You hold me and my life melts a little.

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