Sunday, May 31, 2009

South and Midwest America

Wow!  Is this real life?  It's hard to believe that I get to live this life!  I fall in love so easily.  How can this be happening?  I'm about to leave for Argentina.  Well, not really about to, but pretty soon.  I leave in about a month and a half (July 17th).  But I'm not worried about missing out on this love.  Perhaps I'll just grow closer.  We'll just have to see what the Lord has planned.
Wouldn't it be so nice to live in South America for a long time?!  My heart has joy in it and I'm not afraid of it.  I like this feeling.  It's a smile inside that spreads to my lips.  Where can I go from it?  It's almost like I'm tearing up.  Or maybe that's just because I'm so tired.  Either way, my heart is beating and love is flowing.  We'll see where the Lord takes this young man on a journey called life.  My heart could explode with the emotion it feels.  I'm glad I have this Blog to write it out.  I was thinking about writing it in my journal before bed but I would be less likely to do that now because I am so tired.  So this really helps.

After this I'm going to continue with some reading of The Motorcycle Diaries before getting some sleep.  I am very tired.

This trip has been amazing so far.  It is nearing it's end but my heart still soars.  We are still in Minnesota this weekend.  We're at my mom's parents' in Willmar, Minnesota.  It's been beautiful out here.  Iowa weather was a little rainy but still nice because it wasn't miserably hot and it wasn't humid at all, compared to Cary.

Well, I should get some sleep, perhaps the tears in my eyes are from my allergies.  They've been acting up lately.  That may be the worst part of the trip...all of the allergies.  But other than that it has been a wonderful time.  The mosquitoes aren't even that bad this time around.  It's hard to believe that it's still May.  Summer has only just begun.  It feels like it's June or July mentally, but the weather has been a little chillier some days and the lake is still cold.

Thanks for a beautiful day
and a beautiful time
and a beautiful life Lord!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

What strong feelings you have, Internet!

Hello world.  Kirby here.  You know how you get those things where you're supposed to type the random letters when you leave a comment on a Blog or sign up for something online?  Well, I just got one that read: haterip ...isn't that strange?  I thought so!

Not too much has been going on lately.  I've just been back working at Dairy Queen in Morrisville.  I did get to hang out with Zach Angle last night and that was great.  We talked about life and I really enjoyed it.

Also, my parents and I are leaving tomorrow for Iowa and Minnesota.  We'll probably make a little farther than Nashville tomorrow.  We'll stop at the Dean Hill House in Knoxville 'cause something needs to be fixed or something like that.  Then we'll stop and probably eat dinner with Holli in Nashville.  My cousin Emma's graduation party is this Sunday; that'll be exciting.

Lately, I've had some ideas for stories to write...or maybe all of them are part of one.  But I haven't written them down.  Isn't that one of the big reasons why I started this Blog?  Well, maybe I'll share some in the future.  I've been thinking about typing them up sometime.  Maybe I'll do a little bit of that tonight still...I'm not sure.  I'm going to stay up with my mom until she goes to sleep 'cause she's got some stuff to work on still.

Well, that's about it for now. ¡Cuidase!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Just a Couple Things

I haven't written anything on here in a couple weeks so I think it's time for me to do so.  But at the moment I'm pretty tired so I'm probably not going to write so much.  There are a couple things that I've been wanting to share though.
1. On Friday (I'm pretty sure that's when it was) I was using the leaf blower to get some leaves off of the driveway and sidewalk.  Across the street they had hired a guy to do pretty much the same thing.  Then when I went to untangle the cord so that I could go farther out with it the guy came over and asked if I wanted him to do it really quick.  I told him if he could if he wanted to.  He didn't do it for anything, just did it.  I thank God for him.  I prayed that God blesses that guy.  It wasn't really a lot of work for me to do in the first place but that guy just did it because he could and he already had his leaf blower out.  So thanks be to God for the generosity of that man! :)
2. I saw a relatively funny commercial sometime this weekend.  When I was watching Criminal Minds (good show by the way!) a commercial came on about some sort of peanuts.  It was like Emerald Nuts or something like that.  Anyway, there was a psychologist-like figure sitting there not paying attention to his patient.  He was basically off in his own world.  Then his patient says, "If I could just burn this place down that would make it all better!"...or something to that extent.  And the psychologist says, "Good," completely oblivious to what the person said.  Then you see the psychologist just sitting there in a blaze of fire, still living in his own world.  But that wasn't even the funny part.  The funny part was the very end when the psychologist was in the fire that he didn't even know about.  Here, the small print read: Never commit arson!  Not even once!  And that's all.  I think it's pretty funny that a) they had to say that and 2) they even said it..oh and III) that's all that it said.
Might not sound as funny as when it happend to me...oh well.

Here's another thing to think on:
Personally, I don't want to live as a materialist.  Let's see how this life goes.

Oh, and I'm reading The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis right now.  I feel like it's something that he wrote to help himself while he was going through temptation..Like I do sometimes.  He does it in a different way but I recognized this within the first couple of chapters.  Although it does take some thinking while reading it I can relate to/understand a lot of it.  It sounds weird to say that I can relate to it when the whole book is one demon talking with another but that's not what I mean.  It's sort of hard to explain.  Maybe you should check it out.  Just know that it helps to know some Christian theology and New Testament Scripture when reading it.

Well, I tried to extend this post a little but it's time for me to read and go to bed.  I'm tired!  It's nice going to bed relatively early (like before 12) lately and actually be tired. :)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

RElions, tiGERS, and Owls...Oh my!

Hey Everyone!  How are you?  I realize that in everyone I'm mainly just talking to myself because I'm pretty sure I have viewed my Blog the most times.  Oh well...  Let's just pretend that's not the case.  Right now I'm listening to some Owl City and it's amazing!  I highly recommend them.  Actually, I get to see them on June 23rd with Relient K!  How amazing is that?  That's how I found out about them, 'cause they're touring with Relient K a little this summer.  It's at the Lincoln Theatre in Raleigh, which is somewhat of a small venue from what I've heard so it should be one of the more intimate shows of my favorite bands that I've heard!  So exciting! (I like art!)
Tonight I watched the special features of "Start The Machine"(again).  So good!  The music that Angels & Airwaves plays inspires me.  The words, the explosions of sound, it's great!  But I've got to watch out for it being an idol in my life.  It's so hard.  This music I'm listening to right now is great too!  It just puts me in a good mood and I still feel chill: a great feeling!  This type of music makes my heart smile!  But I don't want to be an idolator.  So I should only have music in small doses.
I haven't really done a whole lot this weekend.  I had my first final (in Art History) yesterday and it went well.  My flash cards that I used to study for the exam were still in my pocket today when I went over to Katie and Matt's apartment so I put them in Katie's Flounder stuffed animal! ;) We'll see when how long until she remembers about that.  I'm looking forward to having stuff to do on the weekends and looking forward to having someone to hang out with.  By this time next week I'll be back home! :) How nice.
Something I've noticed recently is that I've got a deep respect for the rap artist T.I.  I know he's goin' to jail soon but I feel like he's got some good messages to tell people.  He's really learned stuff from what he has gone through.  After listening an interview he had with Sway he sounds really genuine.  And you know I like songs with meaningful lyrics.  Two of his that have some great lyrics are "Dead and Gone" (which has a very well-placed Bible verse at the beginning of the music video) and "No Matter What".  There's a couple parts that stand out to me in "No Matter What":

"Even when winning's illogical
Losing's sill far from optional"


"Somehow I rise above my problems and remain here
Yeah and I hope the picture painted clear
If ya heart filled with faith then ya can't fear
Wonder how I face  years and I'm still chillin'
Easy, let go and let God deal wit it"

Again, I say I can't let music become an idol in my life.
So here I stand.