Friday, March 21, 2014

Does love wear glasses?

Better?  Could it be getting better?  Is it possible?  Is it real?  Is it rational?

I'm not really sure but there's something here.  The nadir of my heart seems so well-rounded.  The root of this love seems ever so grounded.  Something's happened and I'm almost dumbfounded.

Can we stay still and keep going?  Like passengers on a train, watching the painted skies as we pass them by.  Moving somewhere but sitting still.  Don't leave me here now.  Not perfect but so close.  Some might say that love is blind, but perhaps it's just nearsighted at times.  If it's true we'll see further, looking to the sustainable.  And there are different forms and different "norms."

Thank You.  Lately that's a lot of what's been on my mind: Thank You.

For the times in this life, the times I'm having.  Just sitting down with her.  Just being together.  Thank You.  That's really about all I can think of.  You're so kind.


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