Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cuentito 1

I'm thinking about doing a little series of these.  They're simple drawings to describe recent stories, feelings, wishes, etc.  They are small, with little detail and minimal color.  Perhaps sometimes they'll come with a description and sometimes not.  Not too sure.

So here is the first one: Cuentito 1

Saturday, October 17, 2009

3 x 8

Lately, I've thought about writing on here but don't really know what to write about.  I've got things to write about in my journal that I could do.  But I don't know what to write about here.  I want to though.  How about three lists of eight?  Here you go!

Eight things I miss about home:
1. Caesar Salad
2. Being able to drive places
3. Having things (other than sleep) to do when I'm bored
4. Being able to snack whenever
5. Everything's 15 minutes away (by car), more or less
6. Going barefoot, or in just socks, around the house
7. Having more than just my room to hang out in
8. Being able to watch a little tv every now and then

Eight things I miss about school:
1. Friends
2. The concept of just hanging out in someone's house/room
3. The beautiful mountains
4. Enjoying campus life just walking around
5. Campus Crusade
6. The sense of community/fellowship in general
7. Only having to wake up about an hour before class
8. The little effort it takes to go do something with friends

Eight things I enjoy about Buenos Aires:
1. Being able to speak Spanish with whomever I please (and them understanding me!)
2. Meeting people from around Latin America and the world
3. All my classes meet once a week except for one, which meets twice
4. Having my laundry done for me once a week by my host mom
5. Actually getting to take graphic design classes
6. Learning the life that different people lead (city life/Argentine life)
7. Wandering through the different artisan fairs
8. The opposite weather system; how it's barely Spring

Well, that's all for now.  These lists were actually a lot harder to write than they may seem.  But I think that should suffice for now.  If you have any ideas of something I should write (about), let me know.  Perhaps, that could spark the imagination.

So, until next time, ¡cuidense!