Sunday, March 30, 2014

Life and Death: We Cannot Escape

Every day is a new chance at life beyond survival.  People swimming in oceans of others and crowds circling the small space we occupy.  Who will save us?  What will become of us?  Why are we here?  And no one really seems to know for sure what will become of us.  The life beyond seems to be so close to some, yet beyond all of our reach.  Some reach for it, longing to know more.  Others dance around this life, as if this is all we have.

Everything here is short.  Once we discover our meaning or we begin to understand our purpose, our souls start to evaporate from these tents we live in.  No one can leave here on his or her own volition.  Leaving and returning seems to be out of the question..for most.  Our entire lives here, stretched out or barely given a breath, are but a blink, a blade of grass in a field.  The day we're born death is not far off.  It lies in wait for us as we grapple with what we may think are such significant decisions.  Or perhaps it actively pursues us as we try to deny its very existence, hoping somehow we might escape.  Whether it approaches us quietly while we're placidly sleeping or it steals us abruptly in the prime of our time, one day we will all get to know her no matter if we believed or acknowledged her at all.

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