Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Not shadows, nor reflections, but a Heartbeat

You're getting there.  You're another step forward even if you seem stuck in the concrete.  Even if your footprints and shadows call out to you, you're moving forward.  Don't forget that you've made it this far.  Even the days where your the only beat you can keep is your heart's, your alive.  You are not purpose in and of itself but you have one.  Don't spend so much time trying to find it; trying to discover who you are.  Do you not know that you are who you are now?  It's true.  Your shadows may grow from behind your legs and your reflections may be a visions of the future, but they also may just be tricks meant to keep you from moving forward.  Just keep going.  You've got nothing to prove and you've got a life to live.  Living still is still living, so make an effort and move!

Oh! And "you are a novel in a see of magazines."

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