Saturday, May 8, 2010

Becoming an Active Helper

"I want to help people, that's what I want to do."

Have you ever heard someone say this? Or perhaps you've said it yourself. I know I've said at least something similar. But so many people say this. So how do we get past it? How do we get to a place where we go from the desire to the motivation of action and onto the footsteps of action? I think there are probably several steps. One important step that I realized tonight is knowing the kind of people that you want to help. The people you want to help are the people that you feel jumping in your heart when you are around them or after you have been with them.

For me that group of people is immigrants, in particular Hispanic immigrants. I was able to talk with a coworker of mine tonight and it reminded me of how much I love immigrants. I feel like whenever I talk with an immigrant I get that feeling all over again. It's like meeting your first love.

So I think that my call is to help the immigrant population in our country. I want to help them however I can. I want to be a light in a dark place. I want to show life where there seems to be little hope. I am glad that God is showing me who He wants me to be. I look forward to continuing to see where this goes.

What do you think are some necessary steps in becoming an active helper, rather than just a hopeful admirer?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hope Smiles Brightly

I'm wearing a smile now. And it's a great feeling. It's not because I'm done with exams. It's not because the weather is nice. It's not because it's summertime. But it's because I know there is hope in the future. Night, although such a tranquil time of peace and quiet, can be so hard for me at times. But not tonight. Tonight God gave me hope. Tonight I realized that with so many people looking down God still looks up. I know that so many things may seem to be looking grim but it is not permanent. I know that God shows His hope in his people. This life is about more than just waiting for the next. If that's all it was, then why would He have put us here in the first place? We have reason to live these lives we're in. I see hope in people putting action to their faith that God has given them. I see hope in people loving the "unlovable" and caring for the "uncareable." Isn't that what Jesus did? Shouldn't He continue to do it? Aren't we His body? Aren't we the people who are Jesus to the world? Go out and do something! Or stay in and do something, if it means that you will be loving the world the way that God does. God may not love the brokenness of the world but He loves every individual person in it. So should we. We should love with a nonjudgmental love. We should love without reservations. Love is free and why should we charge others for it? Do any of us long to pay for a hug? Do we have the desire to fork over a little cash for someone to listen to us? Do we urge even slightly to give our up minds just so that someone will want to be with us? Have we the inclination to be someone else, just so that we can be known? Then why do we require that of others? Why don't you give yourself so that someone else might truly live? What sacrifice is so great that you would risk eternity for it? What about someone else's eternity? Do we really think that our pride is that significant in the long scheme of things? If we get over ourselves we could actually make a difference in this world. We can have a lasting impact. Loving someone for who they are can dramatically change that person's life. A smile, gentle words, the offer to hold someone's heavy weight; these can all change a person's day. If you change a person's day, they may wonder what the difference is in you. God may give you the opportunity to speak His words. He may plant the seed for someone else to to say those words. So, I ask you, will you hold someone's heart today?