Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Waking Sleep

Sometimes I sleep more than I wake, but rarely do I wake up in the midst of a dream.  Usually wakefulness is greeted with an acknowledgement of reality.  A welcome nod and then back to sleeping, only with my eyes barely open.

Not lately though.  Lately I've had the privilege to be able to wake up within my dreams.  These days the present is often as whimsical as the dreamworld: my heart beats in and out of time, there are reciprocal feelings, it all somehow seems to be falling into place, it's so surreal.

And yet I'm awake.

How can this be?

When dreams and wakefulness are met with nearly the same feelings, how can one distinguish between the two?  When moments of consciousness seem to outweigh in joy the moments of unconsciousness, it can be difficult to want to sleep very long.  Perhaps this is just the waking sleep.  Or maybe I've just been sleepwalking all this time.  Some days feel like hours and I wish for minute moments to go on for days.

I'm awake in a dream and you'll have to try hard if you wish to fish me out.

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