Thursday, April 3, 2014

Turn it Over, Turn the Page

Every day it's just a little.
But sometimes a little's enough.

A little work goes a long way.
A little love can save the day.

A wish can break you.
A dream can take you
On a journey far away.
From a place you said you'd stay.
To a place where skies aren't gray.

Your heart will beat.
Your eyes will flutter.
And all the flies
Will be type B-utter.

All the boats that have sailed away
Will arrive on shore, in glorious day.
The troubles so quickly find you
Will no longer be able
To so easily drown you.

All their castles made of sand
Will fall asleep under buried land.
And all your fortresses built in hope
Will span the horizon, beyond all scope.

And finally the life that was
Will be turned over and soon enough
You'll see the other side.

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