Monday, April 14, 2014

Perhaps Tomorrow Will Consist of More Thorough Thoughts

You can't sell the Gospel.  God will not be exploited.  His love will not be your ploy.  His message will not be the sideline to get to your point.  I am convinced.

I cannot sit back and be lukewarm.

Take me far away from here.  Keep me close and draw me near.  I've found the perfect path and am still looking.

The heat evaporates my energy.  The love relaxes my muscles.  I cannot make it.  I can.  Because I is we.  You're here with me.  You have called me "Not abandoned."  You have chosen me, not forsaken. How can I repay You, but to live every part of me in You?  It's so hard, but You're true.  You know what I need.  You are what I need.  In You I am complete.

The words may have once again evaporated, though some remain.  We'll leave it here this time.  We'll make it.  We'll make it out alright.  Or more than fine.

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