Sunday, April 6, 2014

We Don't Always Need Answers

If every day is a dream, what is waking?  Where are the hearts and what causing screaming?  If life is always brand new, where is rust?  What will then become of us?  If life is eternal but You're the end, what is eternity?  And if we end, what happens then?  If the Alpha is also the Omega, and yet He lives in me, what am I?  If it doesn't matter who I am or what I do, how can You trust me?  If You know it all but allow me choices, then who births the choices?  From whom are the voices?  If standing before You is impossible, then where will my legs go?  If it's only my soul (and perhaps my heart) that remain, what will be the celestial body?  If what I'm in is just a tent, who pitched it?  And why can't we start out greater?  If it doesn't matter what we do, why are we here?  If my words have power, how can I be powerless?  I can make a difference, but is everything already set?  Are we just chipping away at the knowledge You give us?  If You are Love and I am made in Your image, am I just a slice?  How do You make us and live inside?  Are You the photographer and the image?  If the key to life is love, why can it be so hard?  And if all You want is for us to love You, why is it hard to be true?  And if You're the beginning and the end, what's Your plan when we are done?

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