Friday, April 4, 2014

Love is Not a Contract

You had love and you ruined it.  There was hope and you dashed it to the ground.  I gave you all you asked for and you still seek more.  What more do I have to show you?  When will you learn?  I've done so much for you.  Why won't you let me love you just as you are?

You may break our covenant but it's not a legal contract.  I'll give you another chance.  I'll let you come back to me.  My love is not an apartment that you can lease whenever you want to.  It's not something that waits for the perfect time to show up to you.  My love is Me.  I am Love.  Do you not see that?

Sure, you'll fall down and you'll hit the ground.  I'm not going to deny that you're going to fall.  Remember that I made you?  You're loved.  I can be disappointed in you but my love will remain.  I'm here for you.  I will not abandon you.  Even though you run far from Me, I'm still here waiting when you return.

Please don't forsake me and I won't forsake You.
I don't deserve this love of infinity .
I don't deserve this grace unending.
I don't deserve this mercy everlasting.
And yet that's You give it.
That is part of what makes it what it is.
And that is part of what makes You, You.

Thank You.

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