Friday, April 11, 2014

Just Enough

There was an "L".  There is an "L".  You're worth it.  You remind me.  I'm worth it.  It's so much easier to see the opposite.  The ease with which I see does not reflect the degree to which it's true.

Slow down people.  We may have milestones to meet, obstacles to overcome, and seas to sail, but life is here, today.  Have you ever caught anyone living?  Have you caught yourself sleeping through this present reality?  Life may sometimes seem as a dream, and at other times it's a nightmare you want so badly to escape, to overcome.  You cannot escape this life.  You're living.  You might as well make the most of it.  You're not living anyone else's life, so why do you compare?  Don't compare, for comparison will rob you of yourself.  One day you'll look back and wonder where you went.  Why work so hard to be someone else when all along you've been you, the closest and most accessible individual available?  But don't not compare just because I have said.  Don't not compare because it out of you, I did scare.  Commit to living to your full potential and you will see how the Lord will work.

You shall not steal; perhaps that includes another's individuality.  Don't dwell so much on what you are or who you're not.  Creation has but one you.  Even twins are not the same.  There's no double you.  Embrace life.  Embrace it with death.  For if you do not embrace the death you may fall into the trap of living for something here, where moth and rust destroy.  Likewise, fear not the one who can only maim or destroy your body and has no power over your soul.

for the day is near
and the day is here.

for it is no good
to merely hear.

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