Sunday, May 31, 2009

South and Midwest America

Wow!  Is this real life?  It's hard to believe that I get to live this life!  I fall in love so easily.  How can this be happening?  I'm about to leave for Argentina.  Well, not really about to, but pretty soon.  I leave in about a month and a half (July 17th).  But I'm not worried about missing out on this love.  Perhaps I'll just grow closer.  We'll just have to see what the Lord has planned.
Wouldn't it be so nice to live in South America for a long time?!  My heart has joy in it and I'm not afraid of it.  I like this feeling.  It's a smile inside that spreads to my lips.  Where can I go from it?  It's almost like I'm tearing up.  Or maybe that's just because I'm so tired.  Either way, my heart is beating and love is flowing.  We'll see where the Lord takes this young man on a journey called life.  My heart could explode with the emotion it feels.  I'm glad I have this Blog to write it out.  I was thinking about writing it in my journal before bed but I would be less likely to do that now because I am so tired.  So this really helps.

After this I'm going to continue with some reading of The Motorcycle Diaries before getting some sleep.  I am very tired.

This trip has been amazing so far.  It is nearing it's end but my heart still soars.  We are still in Minnesota this weekend.  We're at my mom's parents' in Willmar, Minnesota.  It's been beautiful out here.  Iowa weather was a little rainy but still nice because it wasn't miserably hot and it wasn't humid at all, compared to Cary.

Well, I should get some sleep, perhaps the tears in my eyes are from my allergies.  They've been acting up lately.  That may be the worst part of the trip...all of the allergies.  But other than that it has been a wonderful time.  The mosquitoes aren't even that bad this time around.  It's hard to believe that it's still May.  Summer has only just begun.  It feels like it's June or July mentally, but the weather has been a little chillier some days and the lake is still cold.

Thanks for a beautiful day
and a beautiful time
and a beautiful life Lord!

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