Sunday, May 3, 2009

RElions, tiGERS, and Owls...Oh my!

Hey Everyone!  How are you?  I realize that in everyone I'm mainly just talking to myself because I'm pretty sure I have viewed my Blog the most times.  Oh well...  Let's just pretend that's not the case.  Right now I'm listening to some Owl City and it's amazing!  I highly recommend them.  Actually, I get to see them on June 23rd with Relient K!  How amazing is that?  That's how I found out about them, 'cause they're touring with Relient K a little this summer.  It's at the Lincoln Theatre in Raleigh, which is somewhat of a small venue from what I've heard so it should be one of the more intimate shows of my favorite bands that I've heard!  So exciting! (I like art!)
Tonight I watched the special features of "Start The Machine"(again).  So good!  The music that Angels & Airwaves plays inspires me.  The words, the explosions of sound, it's great!  But I've got to watch out for it being an idol in my life.  It's so hard.  This music I'm listening to right now is great too!  It just puts me in a good mood and I still feel chill: a great feeling!  This type of music makes my heart smile!  But I don't want to be an idolator.  So I should only have music in small doses.
I haven't really done a whole lot this weekend.  I had my first final (in Art History) yesterday and it went well.  My flash cards that I used to study for the exam were still in my pocket today when I went over to Katie and Matt's apartment so I put them in Katie's Flounder stuffed animal! ;) We'll see when how long until she remembers about that.  I'm looking forward to having stuff to do on the weekends and looking forward to having someone to hang out with.  By this time next week I'll be back home! :) How nice.
Something I've noticed recently is that I've got a deep respect for the rap artist T.I.  I know he's goin' to jail soon but I feel like he's got some good messages to tell people.  He's really learned stuff from what he has gone through.  After listening an interview he had with Sway he sounds really genuine.  And you know I like songs with meaningful lyrics.  Two of his that have some great lyrics are "Dead and Gone" (which has a very well-placed Bible verse at the beginning of the music video) and "No Matter What".  There's a couple parts that stand out to me in "No Matter What":

"Even when winning's illogical
Losing's sill far from optional"


"Somehow I rise above my problems and remain here
Yeah and I hope the picture painted clear
If ya heart filled with faith then ya can't fear
Wonder how I face  years and I'm still chillin'
Easy, let go and let God deal wit it"

Again, I say I can't let music become an idol in my life.
So here I stand.

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  1. ah you got me hooked on Owl City!
    interestingly, my friend Daniel is taking a "music fast" and you just reminded me about that...