Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Photographic Living

So as I was walking from my Art History class toward my next class I was inspired to write a poem. I'm a little tired and my plan was to just go relax on the couch outside of my next class until it starts. But I went to Crossroads (a coffee shop in the Student Union) and wrote this instead:

Living in a photograph.

I'm living in a photograph.
Sometimes I see the scene.
It lightens where I've been.
I'm living in a photograph.
And this is my life.
Sometimes the Photographer
Let's me see what He's taking.
Sometimes I see this world,
Only some of what He's making.
Look to the lake. See your reflection.
On a day where the snow is melting
And nothing seems appealing
He still finds a way
Of somehow revealing
I'm living in a photograph
And this picture is moving.

So that's it..for now. Just thought I'd share it with you! Have a great Wednesday!

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