Thursday, April 16, 2009

Acceptances, Dismissals, and Amazing Grace

Wow! What a day!! Who knew how amazing today would turn out when I woke up this morning! Well, God did of course! :) So today I got accepted into the Art Department! I'm very excited! :) Also, I found out today that my case got dismissed. My brother told me that he has officially purchased our tickets for a 311 concert this Summer too. I mean seriously, could this day have been any better?

Then, tonight we had CRU at the Dragonfly Theater & Pub. It's a place that isn't really on campus but is technically a part of campus. Basically, it's a movie theater with nice chairs and tables in front of your seats to eat at. They also serve you there. Quite nice! We watched the movie Amazing Grace, which I had seen before but was still very good. I've fallen asleep during it both times, but that doesn't say much 'cause I fall asleep during movies a lot.

We had some great discussion time afterward. This movie really shows a great example of determination. Something that struck me while we were there and that I wanted to mention on here was how we can all have an impact no matter how insignificant we think we are. People think, "Oh, I'm just one man, woman, boy, or girl and I can't make any difference." But the world is full of billions of people who are just one on their own. Together we can all make a difference. All we need is a little determination. Another thing that some of us got to talking about was how we try to pursue something and then see something else worth going after and go for that. We should be people who finish what we've started. This requires that we focus on one thing, even when we feel like giving up. It is important to focus on our "one thing" as Eric Heistand (one of the guys on CRU staff) puts it. If you don't know what your one thing is, pray about it. A world full of insignificants can't change a thing, perhaps that's why it is why we spell it I-N-S-I-G-N-I-F-I-C-A-N-T.

I think that my one thing has something to do with Latin America and relationships. I really like pursuing relationships with people. I want to use Spanish in a way that shows people that Christianity is more than tradition and religious rituals, it's about a relationship with our Savior and our God. Along with that crucial relationship we can develop true relationships with our peers that reflect the feelings of God. Spending time with fellow believers is what we call fellowship. Spending time to just love others is what we call developing a true relationship. I believe that our relationships with God, fellow believers, and even nonbelievers are all very important in this life. This is what I want to live my life for. This is how I want to glorify God. It may not be that God has planned for me to live in Latin America for a large period of my life as I wish right now. But I want to show the people of this world that we were made to be relational people. That's why we feel so good when we're around our friends or our family and why sometimes we feel so lonely when we can't feel the ones we love. I hope that you understand this. I feel very inspired right now, like God just spoke those words right through my hands. :) How great is our God!

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