Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Where is Justice?

Nothing is just.  That's just it.  I don't mean to sound fatalistic, I just know but in a way maybe I do.  I'm not going to fool you and tell you that I know the solutions to change the system because I really don't.  I'm just another man with a foot in the fight.  An able-bodied, heterosexual, white, male who may very well be afraid to admit some of his own privilege, though I am learning.

The thing is I had so much to write before but my energy was so low.  Now that my energy has recovered my words have dwindled once again.  I want to share something with you but again I don't feel like I have enough.  Or not enough worthy of your precious ears.  So I'm going to return to my post and hope that sometime soon my energy level, the words I want share, and my time align to allow me to write to you again.

Until then, I hope that you'll continue to learn and not sit in your ignorance and comfortability.  Let's fight with love for those who cannot fight themselves.  We must not fight from a place of assuming we know the needs of others.  Rather, we must love others where they are.  We don't know the best for others, sometimes maybe, but more often than not individuals are the experts on their own situations.

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