Friday, August 22, 2014

I'm Not You (and I do not claim to be)

Let's start again today.

The dark blue tells me we must be more than blue.  We must be more than red.  More than purple.  Is she talking to herself?  I think I know that.  I am working to be a well-rounded human being.  I know this life is holistic.  It's not one small part or piece by piece.  We are all a part of everything.  So how do I say I know without sounding like I know it all?
The speaker says everything is spiritual.  To an extent, he has a point.  However, I think his belief in the spirituality of everything has blinded him in a way.  We must learn to see people where they are.  It's so hard not to judge others.  How do I love like I want to be loved?  "I was beginning to get into the spiritual realm but I could tell he didn't want to hear it so I let it go."  Why did it take you so long?  Why has this even become an issue?  Must we put ourselves on different planes than others?  "He doesn't understand me."  "She just doesn't see things the way I see them."  Why can't we just learn that, like ourselves, everyone has their own unique story.  We should not place our brothers and sisters in cardboard boxes and glass mason jars for the same reasons that we wish for them to not do so to us.

Don't trap your brothers.  Don't confine your sisters.  You can come up with all of the excuses in the world but what it really comes down to is the fact that we are all family.  We are the hands and feet of our brothers and sisters.  We are their representatives, their advocates, and an extension of them.  We are not those around us.  We cannot claim to know the complete story of those around us.  We cannot swoop in like a superhero to save them, especially if we don't know who they are and what their true needs are.  We cannot determine their needs for them.

Some are more direct than others.  We all, in some form or another, long to be loved and treated with dignity, love, and respect.  How do we do that?  How do we love people where they are rather than asking them to join our consciousness before we choose to act in love?  Is that really love or just charity?  What is charity really?  An attempt to earn respect and acceptance of others?  A way in which we make ourselves feel better about who we are?  A hemophiliac putting a superhero bandage on her bleeding sore?

Sure, none of us really wants to bleed anymore but hurriedly bandaging ourselves with little attention to our true needs and the needs of others is a very temporary solution.  Also, saying that we think we know best because of our "expertise, experience, knowledge, and concern" often does more harm than good.  We've become experts at giving false hope, the worse hope there is, when we solve others' problems with solutions prescribed to ourselves.  Some things may work and could be worth a try but we mustn't go into a situation with the mindset that the way in which our own blood clots is the same as the rest of the world.

One size does not fit all.  We are all individuals.  We share a great deal but we don't tear the same way or for the same reasons at all times.  Perhaps the most important message in all of this is for all of us to listen.  Open our ears, our hearts, and our minds to what is being said (in words, in actions, in lack of action, and in silence).  Remove the lids from our ears and listen to what our fellow humans (or family members) have to tell us.  It is only then that we will begin to understand what life is for others and what our role may (or may not) be in the brief moments we have here.

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