Sunday, July 20, 2014

nŏ-stāl'jə, nə-

Listening to old songs from different parts of my life is like looking through a scrapbook.  Scenes from my life come back to life like a movie I fell asleep watching.  I listen to the memories with mostly fondness.  There is some sort of longing to go back there, though I know I can only be here.  My time machine only moves forward.

I see old days of looking through pages.  Living a life that I thought was just a shadow.  Much like right now, I know that life is only here and now but I can't help but reflect on the past and ponder the future.  What would life had been if I had said how I felt?  Where would we be if I had apologized sooner?  What if I had chosen my first choice instead of my second?  What if I had stayed another year?

I cannot keep thinking like this.  I'll drive myself mad if I do.

That's enough for now.

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