Monday, February 1, 2010

Carpe Feeling

Hello world!

So...sometimes I feel a little something inside. Something that I see sort of as acceptance. But it's a little more than that. I'm pretty sure there's some psychological and chemical term for it. But it's like the adrenaline (or something) moving through my head as people notice me. Smiles are created and joy is seen in their beings. That feeling brings me joy. I feel that all people have something that does it for them. For me, this particular feeling is making people smile and/or laugh. Perhaps other people it's the firing of a gun, or restraining another individual. Weird! And God knows each and every one of these people more than they will ever dream. So that's just a little something that precipitated into my head during my social work class today.

Here's something else for you. I really think that I must "seize the day." It's time for me to tell the girl that I really, truly care for her. Waiting is doing nothing but keeping it on my mind and what if it's just building these feelings only for her to tear them apart? If I don't tell her now, my mind will continue to flood with thoughts of her. I need: Courage, Boldness, Strength, and Vulnerability

Here I am. I stand in the Power of Christ and when I rip I will not be torn. My legs stand strong, although they're worn.

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