Saturday, January 23, 2010

Don't Erase This From My Memory

Wow! What a great night! Tonight was full of emotion! Well I went to a dance performance to see a friend perform but it ended up that she wasn't even performing. But we got to catch up and that was just so amazing! It's not like there was anything profound that we talked about or anything, just getting to talk with her was great! Then the Hope For Haiti Now Telethon was on and that was really touching. It brought some tears to my eyes and hope into my already exploding (in a good way) heart. Then Conan's last stand on The Tonight Show was pretty amazing. He seems like a great guy!
Oh! The day was great also. I felt the Holy Spirit tugging at me to talk with someone and had a great experience and was able to use my Spanish going to Wal-Mart. I didn't really see any immediate results but it felt good to actually realize that it really was the Holy Spirit. I briefly told someone about it and the Spirit encouraged me that I should keep it up. What a great bit of encouragement. If you want to know about the experience just let me know.
I've got joy on the heart and a smile leaking out! How great this life is when we really listen to what God has in store for us!!
Have a great day! Smile from the inside out!

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