Friday, January 15, 2010

Embracing God's Fingerprints

Hey everybody! I'm back again. This time I've got a little something to write about.

Recently, I've really just wanted to feel the embrace of God. It's something I've been praying about. I know that God is here with me in my struggles, my ecstatic joys, and everything in between but I have just wanted to really feel it. I have (selfishly, it seems) longed to feel tangibly the God that I know never abandons me. Well, the other day I feel that God gave me that hug I really was wishing for. I was sitting outside in below freezing temperature waiting for the bus to come pick me up so I could get to campus. As I was sitting there a light snow was falling from the sky. A few flakes began to land on my jacket and I began to look at them. I looked at them and began to think of them as little fingerprints of God. They remind me of how God came down as fully man and yet fully God in Jesus. These pure fingerprints falling from Heaven were not hindered from the exhaust of cars driving by like the snow that lay already on the ground. The snow that had already accumulated was like the great gifts that God has given us that we have left to tarnish in this world. We have stepped on them, driven over them, and sometimes we even slip on them and still we don't realize the greatness that God does each day. Even though we continue to take for granted his amazing forgiveness, love, and grace (to name a few), they will continue to fall from Heaven like these flakes of snow. He will continue to love us, although we screw up again and again. How great a God we have!
On somewhat of a side note, tonight at CRU I learned that the name Habakkuk (one of the minor prophets in the Old Testament means "embrace." There's another nice hug from God. Isn't that amazing? God really is good! :)
And another note that isn't completely related: I've had the thought of how amazing it is that the God I serve, the God who loves me, the God who made the universe; He made footprints on the sea! How many people can say that? I'm not sure when I first thought that, but I believe it was in the last week or so and then it came to mind again tonight during CRU. There's just really a lot of imagery in thinking of footprints on the sea. Perhaps I'll write on that another time!
So until next time, ¡Cuidense!

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