Wednesday, June 4, 2014

One can't just retreat from life

We'll get there someday.  I'm not really sure where exactly, but we're on our way.  I've got a feeling we're heading there, some days faster than others.  The smoke in the rearview mirror clears and we're left thinking that life isn't exactly as we thought it was at the time.

I wanted to write a little bit today but the words aren't coming as easily as I expected.  Now it's more just a collection of words attached to videos and perhaps that is all it's meant to be this time.

I get the feeling that a time for a post of more vicariousness is coming soon as well, but I will leave that for that time.

So as I sit here and listen to the music raining down on my ears, the words come slowly.  I'm awaking slowly as the world lays down to sleep.  I'm falling down but not remaining.  You'll see me rise again.   We'll make it together.  Don't worry about me.  Everything is coming together.  I'm just learning that living is every moment, not just the ones we choose (to share).

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