Saturday, December 14, 2013

Again Again

Again the words have come and gone.
Again I hope some still exist.

Again I've fallen asleep in Your arms.
Who do I think I am?
Am I looking for someone to blame?

I'm ready to go.  Take me to Guanajuato.  Take me far away from here.  Take me where they talk back.  Where there are others around me.  Where people remember me.  They know me.  I don't want to be popular; I just want to be known.  I want to share this life.  Life by myself seems so faded.  My talents seem like they are being wasted.  I will be held accountable.

I write to get these feelings out.
I write because inside sometimes I shout.
My words don't always do me justice.
I may be worse off than those who need me
but we're all in dire straights in this symphony.

Don't play me.
I'll tell you everything
and you don't want to hear me.
You'll listen, but with one ear.
The other is running

"How did I get here?"
So I'll leave you alone
to leave me alone.
Leave me here
just a step above unknown.

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