Monday, November 18, 2013

If Missing Please Reply

I found a broken heart in my pants pocket.
Hidden, it was, inside an old abandoned locket.
I pried it open, intrigued to see what was inside.
What secrets could an old locket hide?

When I saw the heart it was barely beating.
I picked it up gently,
it was badly bleeding.

It was cold to the touch
like a chilled spoon for scooping.
It beat barely, as such,
and before I knew it
I was stooping.

The absence in my chest was confusing.
Who took this from me?
And why was it in a locket for musing?

Or had it ever been inside me?
Was it an extra?
Was it a mistake?
Was it even mine?

I was raised by the television,
no wonder I can't initiate a conversation.
There is something missing
and the reason I can't find it
is because I never knew
what it was like to have it there.

So where do I plug this in?
Is there a socket
somewhere within?
Will it still work right
in this body of sin?

Can it be made fresh
in this body of flesh?

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