Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Mild Tremor Within The Brain

Hi. I'm Kirby. Well, you can call me that. I don't know what to say but I feel words welling up in my mind. This is me trying to give them a voice. I can hear them in the distance but I don't understand what they are saying. I sense freedom and know that I have found it in the most true way of the word. But still sometimes I can feel restriction. How can that be freedom? Is it even anywhere near it? So I'm just writing what it is as it draws nearer to my frontal lobe. It's another thought on patience. That's something I'm still working on. Some of the words that I have begun to hear are words that can't yet come out. Words that have restrictions. Those are the words that lack the freedom. Yet, they are not in chains. These words aren't enslaved in my mind, they just wish the circumstances were different. So, I would have to say contentment is important too. Achieving contentment seems like an oxymoron. To achieve such a thing as contentment is not reasonable. Contentment must be found where one is. It is not to be achieved. But still we search for it. This is quite unlike the door to our dreams. I read a small passage in my journal today and it really made me think. We don't search for the door to our dreams because we are too afraid that if we find it, not only may our dreams become reality, but our nightmares as well. So the door remains in the wide open. An iceberg in the desert. But no one dares go near it. Some have thought about going close but on further thinking pursued reality. So our dreams remain separate from our reality. They are separate but both very real. So those are the words that the cerebrum let escape on this Wednesday afternoon. There are still uncountable words in there and only a small fraction of them will ever leave. But when they do, how will they be seen?

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