Sunday, March 7, 2010

DSTM and Church

I got a few ideas recently of some ways to use my creativity:
Last Thursday I went to about domestic sex trafficking of minors. Although, I was only there for the last hour it was very informative and quite eye-opening. How can we prosecute someone who has already been victimized beyond anything we may ever know? And yet those who victimized them in the first place get off with a small fraction of a day of time. Really? Something just isn't right here! Pimps control their women like they are property; this isn't just something that is happening in rap songs or movies. This is real life! This happens right in our backyard. In your state, maybe even your neighborhood. Let's do something about it. Let's defend these women!
Today at church I was thinking of a good idea for a work of art. But actually I'm thinking now it may be better as a screenplay or some other type of writing, like satire but very close to what is really happening. Something about handing out masks in church and something else to gloss over ourselves. Magazine cutouts and things could make for a good short film. We'll see how this works.
Sorry I haven't been keeping this very up-to-date lately. If you're wanting me to do so, leave a comment and I'll try a little harder.
Hope this finds you well.

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