Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Sideways Eight and Portions for Foxes

Well, tonight is one of those times where I've been inspired to write.  But what?  I'm not too sure.  So I just decided I would write something on here.  The inspiration has come and gone but perhaps through this typing something else will reignite.  So I'm just rambling right now.  Rambling until something comes out.
Like this...
Tonight I was talking with a friend about how I am.  How I seem to not be so sure about so many things.  I think (there I go again) that's because there isn't really much to be sure about in this life.  If I'm to trust anything, even my own feelings, there is an end.  An end to where I can trust them.  If I am to trust another, that can only take me so far.  The only One in whom I can trust is God above.  God is the only One who will never let me down.  He has positioned me perfectly where I am and where I am going.  Trusting myself and my own feelings many times has just brought on pain.  So I must trust in Him.  I must trust that He knows what is best for me.  Truly, His plans are to use me to bring Him glory.  It is nothing about me that is so important.  He could do what He pleases without me.  But He chooses to use me as an instrument in this life.  At the same time He allows me free will to choose an infinite number of options.  How can this be?  This is one of those things that we (humans) can not understand and will never understand, at least in this life.

We also got to talking about how I don't seem to like talking about me.  But I think I do.  Don't the great majority of us like talking about ourselves.  I just don't want to sound conceited when I'm talking about myself.  So there's a fine line between those two things.  Like this Blog, I don't want it to sound like I'm just begging for attention.  I just want to share what I'm feeling, what I'm thinking.  Stuff like that y'know?

I'm not too sure what else to say.  So these are the words for now.  Until next time.


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  1. Hey dude! I was just scrolling around on FB and saw your profile and that you had a blog and wanted to take a look! I miss you man. Seriously, no joking around. I sucked at finding you whenever we were both in town and I am tired of not seeing you anymore. I might be up in boone sometime this semester and I want to chill. We need to catch up! Give me a call sometime so we can chat.

    -Matt J.