Friday, March 6, 2009

The Second First Blog: Lent, Mandy Moore, Michael Scott, and Something Corporate

So...I had one of these a while ago but I can't remember exactly what the name of it was or something.  I tried searching for it but to no avail.  It might still be out there somewhere...who really knows?  But really it wasn't that interesting.  There were only like two posts.  I think this one has the potential to be a lot better.  I've had ideas about writing things in the past few months or so but haven't really followed through with them.  Some of them have become notes on Facebook, others are spilled into the pages of my journal, and still others are lost in that chasm between my ears (perhaps forever.)  But hey..that's not a big deal.  That's why I'm doing I can put those ideas somewhere.  Sometimes I feel like I want to write something that other people can read, not just writing in my journal.  Like there's this thing that I got an idea about not too long ago and today another element to it was added.  So I'm going to toss that idea your way.

But before I do so I just want you to know know that I feel that God is calling me right now to not pursue a relationship.  He really showed me that last Monday which was conveniently the Monday before Ash Wednesday.  So I decided to give up always trying to be in a relationship for Lent.  Relationships are very important but it's important to develop personal relationships with people.  We were made for relationships.  So I am just going to learn whatever God has for me.  When I try to pursue a relationship myself I tend to try too hard to make someone like me.  I feel that that is a reason why I haven't found someone for me yet.  I try too hard to make someone like me when all I need to do is trust that God has this all planned out and everything under control.  So I'm just trying to be friends right now and we'll see how that works.  I don't want to live to please people.  I want to please God and honor Him with my life.  So this idea may not make a whole lot of sense right now but I'm going to write it down now so that I don't forget about it and feel free to tell me how you feel about it.

So here's the idea... I have come to the realization that my expectations (is that the right word?) for a relationship with a significant other come predominantly from two sources.  Random Alert! So I was watching The Office last weekend this quote gave me an interesting/funny idea; I could use the quote as something to let people know what type of girl I am interested in.
So here's the Quote (thanks to Michael Scott: I am ready to start dating again.  Getting back on the market.  So, FYI, for those of you who are thinking about fixing me up, with any of your friends, use the woman on page 85 as a template!  That will be all.
So I'm not really ready to start dating again as you may have guessed from earlier in this post but just think about this for later.  The two sources of my expectations ( that right? whatev') are A Walk to Remember (the movie, not the book although I bet that is really good too) and I Want to Save You (a song by Something Corporate).  These two sources are very different, hence my type (maybe that's better...) is varied.

So I just really wanted to share that with you.  I know it doesn't really say much but if you ask me about it I can explain it some more.  Or if you want me to explain it in a later post I could do that too.  Just let me know!  It seems like there was a lot of rising action up to this point of the Blog and then I didn't really explain it a whole lot (kinda anticlimactic) but oh well...

Hope you're having a great day!  Tomorrow I'm leaving for the Dominican Republic for Alternative Spring Break.  It should be a blast!  I can Blog about that later.  Also, let me know if you've got some ideas for later posts!  ¡Cuidase!

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