Sunday, October 6, 2013

Not Abandoned

"And you shall be called 'Not Abandoned.'"

Lately there've been couple of phrases that have run through my mind and while some of them seem to come from a dark enemy with bitter intent, I try to remember the good ones instead.  One that I have been hearing often is, "He says He still loves you."  That one has been so important for me to remember because I often feel like I've used up all of my chances and there will be no love, let alone grace or mercy for me.  The truth is though, that that is not possible.

The God I serve is more than a god of second chances.  The God I follow, the God I love, He is the God of sideways eights.  He will love me the same no matter my life circumstances.  There is life in this life.

So today another phrase entered my mind from what may seem like an outside source:

"And you shall be called, 'Not Abandoned.'

"Though you run far from your home and often find yourself lost in between vital moments, I will never abandon you.  I will show you that even now is a time to be found.  Even now is a time that I am working.  Do not fear for I am here.  Hear me, for I am."

So this stage in my life is not an in-between one though it so often feels as such.  I will keep moving and will be me today, not long for the me of tomorrow, nor overly reminisce on the me of yesterday.  Though I will move when it is time I will also be sure to make time to stop, listen, and be still because life isn't always movement.

This life isn't mine.  Empty me of me and fill me up with You.

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