Monday, October 21, 2013

A Daydream at the (Self-)Reflection Pool


I can sense it's getting harder.  And I can sense it's getting easier too.

What happened to everyone being so sincere?  Where are our motives?  Why do we do what we do?  Does anyone understand anymore?  Life isn't football.  Life isn't making others laugh.  Life isn't making money.  Life is loving because He first loved.  How can so many not see that?

I get passed by.  Daily.  And as I do
I watch the others as they get passed by.
And I watch passers.  So immersed
in their lives.  Is that me
at times?  Do I walk by
as others live?

As my eyes wander to
those around I wonder:
would You be here?
Are You here?
Would You be
cleaning up
after us or
would you even be here?

If I can
disappear in a crowd of
how much easier
it must be
in the world,

But at least
there is
out there.

Could that be
my mission?
My call?
Is that
what You want
from me?

Not to be
an island floating,
a dream waiting
to be awoken,
but a loving
alarm clock?

do I start?
do I go first?
What words
do You have
for me?

I can
't worry.
You'll be here.

You want me to (too)
I'll be Your Moses.
With Aaron's mouth
and Your words,
I'll be Your Moses.

Lead me
and guide me.
Hold my hand
don't leave me.

I'm on my way,
please show me (Your Way).

Move me
out of my way
and show me.

I'm on my way,
please show me (Your Way).

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