Sunday, June 2, 2013

Nostalgia for a Time Not Lived

Do you remember when we used to dance to the radio?
When we would turn it on and would dance like every song was ours?
We danced through the night and never had to leave the house.  The kids all tucked in and our shirts were loose.  We had not care in the world.  The lack of sleep somehow kept us on our feet.  We danced and I held you close.  The world watched as we lost ourselves for a moment, but we couldn't be bothered.  Our bodies swayed and we moved together.  Our hearts held hands and wore their best dancing shoes.  The eyes that saw us were invisible and we were stuck in the moment.  Stuck in the most beautiful way imaginable.  Do you remember the romance of the times gone by?
Do you remember?
Oh to be a fly...
Can we return?  Can we go back?  I'll pull the elevator gate and we'll crawl back if we have to.  No one will even know we're gone.  We'll slip passed the security and enter again to the middle of the century.
And war changes it all.  I can never go back to where we were.
Do you remember?
     Me neither.

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