Thursday, July 11, 2013

Forward Slinky Heart

There are so many books to read.
So many lives to lead.
Words to write.
Wrongs to right.

I can't stop looking down at my feet.
Drowning in my own pain.
Though it's all perspective.
What is my current objective?

There's pain in my brain.
I want more thunderstorms
perhaps to mirror my mind storms.

When the lightning crashes my
heart doesn't budge,
the pages don't smudge.

Who will save this slinky spiraling sideways?
I'm tangled up in loose threads.
What happens when I move on?

I barely even move while I'm

After some good days
I get lost
in a streak of haze.

Pay no attention
to me.
just lost
in a daze.

But when I can move
I will.
I will move forward.

When I can feel my heart
You'll know I've moved on.

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