Friday, June 15, 2012

This house doesn't burn down slowly

I'm going to write a little on here even if I don't have much to write about.  I'm leaving for a month tomorrow, away from the technological word for a bit, but it will be a great thing.  I feel like I've had some things to write about in the last few weeks but apparently the longer you wait for them, the more they evaporate.  So I don't really have many words today.  I have had some good times lately though.

I was a little concerned earlier this year about how my summer would pan out.  With nothing to do, I could easily fall deeper into the untrue thoughts I think and spend days on end without even leaving my apartment.  Instead though, it's only the middle the June and I feel like I've already had quite a full summer.  I got a new car.  My brother and his girlfriend came to visit me.  I got to visit family in Iowa and Minnesota.  I've enjoyed some ultimate with some people at church.  (I think I may try and find some people to do that more consistently with!)  With the help of some friends I've taken some courageous steps.

It's kind of crazy how much I've been able to do in these last few weeks.  I'm really quite tired right now but I have to pack because I leave tomorrow.  As usually happens when I wait to post, this isn't much of an update, or may have been a little waste of your time read, but while I'm away you're welcome to check out some older entries on my other Blog.  I plan to catch up on that when I get back.  As for now, I will go create one more post for it.

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