Sunday, November 13, 2011

Words to Remember when Day Breaks and Night Falls

We say the night falls. Another name for the dawn is daybreak. It would seem that we have brought brokenness and the fall into every part of our lives. I think that we have. We have done nothing to bring redemption to the world. It was nothing on our part. Nothing we could help. We can claim redemption but we cannot claim its authorship. The day breaks because the heart of the world is broken. That's right, it's broken, bruised, torn, bleeding, and in need of repair. This world we live in is worn and needs mending. If any of us claim perfection we are lying to ourselves and the world. What can be done to fix us? Nothing on our part. Anything that we do in an attempt to mend the world is a defunct screwdriver screwing broken screws; it just won't work. True, it may seem to fit together for a time, but that won't last. We, as humans, only know how to temporarily solve our problems.
No one has cracked the code of death. No one that is, except Jesus, the One who is both God and Man. The One who was before and will still be after time ends. It is through Him that we find redemption. Through Him that we can claim Truth and Life and Wholeness. As broken as we are, He is that much more whole. He can make us whole. And while we are here on earth we may never truly experience the gravity of our togetherness, but we can experience small glimpses of it. Our bodies long to be a part of something whole. We long to know true gratification and acceptance. We long to be accepted for who we are, not what we are, how much we are, what we wear, or anything like that. We want to know if true, lasting love is possible.
That's why so often we try to find love and acceptance elsewhere. We forget what we were made for. We try to put off some of the feelings that we're having for the sake of temporary gratification. We think an ounce of happiness will help hold us off until we find the unlimited joy. We deceive ourselves into thinking we'll be happy with the small imitations of joy in this life. This life is not all that there is; we so quickly forget that. Many times it's not a forgetfulness but rather an ignorance. We want satisfaction now. We're impatient. But we must learn patience for we will be held accountable for this life.
Please remember that His love never ends. His care for you will not dwindle. His pleasure in your life remains. Though this world bends you back and forth until you are torn, broken, bruised, and bleeding, He can revive you. Though things may not seem to get better, or nothing seems to be new anymore, He can make all things new. The One who knows everything and has seen and felt it all, somehow manages to make it all brand new.

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