Sunday, August 8, 2010

Secrets and Seasons

"I need another life gets kind of boring"~OneRepublic

Hey world. Welcome to my sweet life.
Classes are about to start back up. Well, I've got a couple weeks still but I'm very ready for them to be here. I'm ready to have fun in Boone. I'm ready to see friends and get to know people. This fall will be an amazing one. Big things are happening this fall. Be warned. This fall lives will change and people will learn life. We will learn to live life and learn what it's about.

I've thought a little every now and then about what my favorite season is. I wonder does it just change every season? Does it become the opposite of what it is? If so, that's no way to live. I need to learn to live in the present. So here's a case for each season:

Winter: This probably is my true favorite season. It has Christmas in it, definitely the most wonderful time of the year! It's great to be able to snuggle next to someone you love. It's a season of nostalgia. Nostalgia is a warm feeling that reminds the rest of your body that your heart has memories. Snow falls bringing newness to the dead trees. Many people view winter as a gloomy time, where everything has either died or is in hibernation. But I see it as a new beginning. The purity of snow is a reminder that we can be reborn in Christ. God sees us as holy and blameless, white like snow because of the sacrifice of Jesus, once for all.

Spring: At the start of spring are the remnants of winter. In regions of snow this means huge piles of snow that isn't even recognizable as such. These large, gray piles are full of exhaust, dirt, and other groundflakes. These don't really add to the aesthetics of any landscape. They are like remains of buildings in former Soviet Union nations. The many crumbles of objects that make up their bland color are like the things we try to do to make our lives better, or appear so. We cover our wounds with fake smiles so that people don't know how we really feel. Or we try to be moral, thinking we can earn a better life or even our way to Heaven. But that's not true, the price has already been paid, we must make a decision of whether or not to accept it.

Summer: This could possibly be my least favorite season. Although my birthday is in the summer I consistently find myself with nothing to do. The summer months are full of long days with nothing to do. Lately I just sleep if I don't have anything to do and it feels like I'm watching years of my life go by. Yet, when there is something to do the joy greatly expands. It is nice to be out of school at times and be able to hang out with friends. Sometimes it's nice to not have any obligations but it sure gets old really fast. It's a shame the days are longest in the summer. But who am I to complain? If this is what I complain about then I don't really have any right to do so. There are people in the world who walk for miles just to feed their families each day. People who don't have a choice of whether or not to work. People who don't know what freedom sounds like. And here I am complaining about the length of the day, not having something to do, or humidity. Who am I?

Autumn: Maybe my second favorite season. School begins, though it really does at the end of the summer. I actually like school. Especially getting started in classes and discovering new things and people. In the fall leaves begin to change colors and God shows His beauty in the leaves. If you don't believe me come to the Appalachian Mountains in the Fall. It's as if He painted each leaf individually. That's like you and me. God knit us together in our mother's womb whether you believe it or not. He painted us the perfectly. Each of us is the perfect shade of brown that He wanted for us. He wouldn't have us any other way. The way that He made us is just how He loves us. We are all different shades and tints just like the autumn leaves, but perfectly different. He didn't make mistakes when He made us. Sure, some people are born with birth defects, but God may be glorified in their lives and actions.

This has been an uplifting post to myself. I hope it is to you as well. It was a nice way to end a rather slow day. And here is a page of a few pictures that I found on StumbleUpon. Very interesting!

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