Sunday, July 12, 2009

Visions and Waffles

Hey world! I'm right here! You found me! ;) How are you? I'm great! I just got done with my first closing shift at Dairy Queen. I've worked here on breaks from school for since May(ish) of last year and this is the first time I ever closed. Crazy isn't it!?
Anyway, enough about that.
Tonight I think God let me see a little more of where He wants me to be going with this life that He has so generously given me. I really have a passion for relationships. I also love speaking Spanish. I have a particular love for people of Latin American descent. It's not that I only like them or put them above others..well I try not to..but I just think that that is a group of people that I really enjoy being...relational(?) with. I want to show these people the amazing things that when we trust God. Actually, they are the amazing things that God does through us. Also, I want to show them (and other people that I come into contact with) God's amazing love, forgiveness, mercy, grace, etc to infinity (and beyond)!
I don't know how I can achieve this but I want to start something to help immigrants to the United States. I feel like this requires a lot of prayer and planning. Also, it requires a lot of business knowledge. I don't really know that sort of stuff. So...what can I do here? I really feel right now that this is something that God wants to do through me sometime after I finish school. How soon? I don't really know. I've had some inklings of this in the past year but something tonight really just hit me. I really think it's God showing me this. It feels so amazing!
I really wanted to share that with you. I hope it finds you well!

As always, comments on my Blog are like peanut butter and chocolate on a waffle, they aren't necessary but they sure do make it taste a whole lot better! :)


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